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Steel Cord Belting Technical Data 


Steel cord conveyor belts are widely used in high strength, long distance and heavy load transportation of material, and they are also used in high strength and short distance transportation of materials on special occasions.

  • pt老虎机平台哪个可以 The belts are suitable for large span, long distance transportation of materials.
  • PT老虎机十大平台排名 The belts only need a very short take-up stroke distance.
  • pt平台老虎机网站制作 Due to the excellent penetration of rubber between the individual cord  filaments.
  • 乐赢pt老虎机平台 Out of our advance techniques in manufacturing, the steel cords are evenly arranged and carry equal tension during the manufacturing process.
  • pt老虎机娱乐平台 As the belts body has no transverse reinforcement, it is easy to form a deep trough, so the belts can load more materials and prevent the materials from escaping.


PT老虎机平台1234A典C 0M蔻
1. Suitable for long distance and heavy load transportation
2. The belts need only a very short take-up stroke distance.
3. High adhesion between rubber and steel cord
4. Rubber with good adhesion rope: the surface of galvanized steel wire rope, while the use of wire rope has excellent adhesion with the rubber, bonded together with rope, impact resistance, easy off blocks, long service life. 
5. Rope tension is even: As advanced manufacturing technology, arranged in uniform rope tension, running balance, easy to deviation. 
6.Out of our advanced techniques in manufacturing, the steel 
cords are very evenly arranged and have the same tension, so 
the belts are well balanced in running and difficult to run away.